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Event Planning Tips For Your Big Event

Uh-oh.  The boss just told you you are in charge of the biggest shindig in company history?  Bobby and Susie have decided to take the plunge and they want you to plan the wedding of all weddings?  The country club is having a member-guest tournament and they want you to handle all the invitations?

No problem.  You've got Big Event Registration.

Here are some helpful event planning tips and ideas to help you plan and organize your big event.

1. Who, what, why and how.  Make sure you understand the purpose of your event and the expected outcome.  See our branding event strategy page for ideas about making your event extra special.  Our event planning form may be helpful.

2.  How many people do you expect will attend?  The head count is important to every other aspect of planning for how much room you need, logistics for everything from parking to catering to seating.

3. What's the budget? Will the event generate income from registrations to offset part of the cost?  Are you expecting to make a profit?

4. When and where?  Will you need to make a site visit?  If so, will you need to take the boss or committee members along with you?

When you get to the site, use these guidelines to do your site evaluation:

  • The size of the room, seating capacity and layout.

  • Lighting and lighting control, especially important for everything from ambiance to audio visual presentations to being able to read the menu.

  • Electricity and other utilities.  Do you have everything you need for everything you are planning to do?

  • Internet access, do they have wireless in the room? Is there an extra charge of access?  How much bandwidth is available?

  • Telephone service.  Do you need it?  It is available?

  • Sound system, do they have one, do you need one?

  • Proximity to bathroom facilities.

  • Handicap access?

  • Parking.  How much space, who pays, valet service available, how far from your location.

  • Overnight accommodations.  Guaranteed space for X number of rooms?  Do you have to book a block of rooms in advance?  Special rates for attendees.  If your block of rooms are not all used, do you still have to pay if they don't fill up from other reservations?

5. Working backward from your selected date or dates, it's time to set up a schedule and a punch list of what needs to be done by what date.

  • When to make the first announcement about the event.

  • Do you want to make a pre-announcement about the announcement?

  • What are the sources for your invitees?  Get them compiled.

  • Invitations - print, email, online, personal call to invite

  • RSVP, invitation only, open to the public, open but must register

  • Prepare print materials, brochures, invitations, posters

  • Schedule the mailing date.

  • Determine the caterer and menus and book

  • Select and arrange entertainment and book

  • Select decorations, florist and order

  • Arrange for audio visual needs if required

  • Photographers, videographers, sound control technician?

  • Make the overnight accommodations, if part of the requirements

  • Make all the arrangements for transportation if necessary

  • Review and sign all the necessary contracts

  • Invite and confirm speakers

  • Prepare, approve and finalize the agenda or program

  • Confirm the attendees

  • Name badges, are they needed, who prepares?

  • Signage needed?

  • Get everything packed up and delivered or shipped to the event location

  • Travel arrangements all made?

  • Early arrival to set up on site

  • Re-confirm all the details with the site management

  • Have a successful Big Event!

6. Public relations, press and media.  If you are planning to make news from your event what special provisions will you make for dealing with the press and media?

7. Will you need any special licenses or permits to host your event.

8.  Will you need security, crowd control, traffic control, emergency medical services?

9.  What staff do you need during the event for runners, a help desk, liaison with speakers, presenters and other participants?

Events have a life of their own once they start.  Enjoy the show!

For help with RSVP or registration and payment services for your big event please contact Big Event Registration.