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Online RSVP Service
Event Registration Management

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Big Event Registration is your fast, easy and affordable way to handle online RSVP's and event registration management for your:

  • professional seminar
  • business meeting
  • social gathering
  • wedding party
  • family reunion
  • anniversary celebration
  • golf outing
  • or youth activity.

Your online RSVP's and registrations can be processed through

Or, for event and wedding planners, corporations, organizations or special events, we can create a branded stand-alone website dedicated solely to your event or organization.  We will manage the entire process for you, handle all communications, process payments and provide reporting.

Simple RSVP and registration processing can be online in less than 24 hours.  Stand-alone event websites can be online in less than a week.

If you want to provide follow-up photos, online video, PowerPoint presentations or other documentation from the event, can do.

We can also provide post event online surveys to help you evaluate how attendees, sponsors, collaborators and vendors experienced your event in order to enable continuous improvement.

Take all the hassle out of planning and managing your big event.  We will handle all the tedious details so you can do what you do best or simply enjoy your own party.

Plan your big event now.  We will come back to you with a comprehensive proposal ASAP.

Or, please contact Big Event Registration today with your questions.

Our online RSVP services and event registration management are a Ron Castle Webs online enterprise owned by web marketing SEO guru Ron Castle from Winchester, Tennessee.

Put us to work for you.

Managed Services
for Event Planners

The difference between what we do and most of the other online RSVP and event registration services you find on the Internet is that we manage the entire process for you.

You don't have to open an account, learn new software or deal with tech support.  You don't have to allot any staff time to managing registrations. You can accurately determine your costs up front, before you quote your services to your clients.

You can spend your valuable time doing what you do best.  Tell us what you want to accomplish and we will deliver the results.  We are by design and intent a small company providing highly personalized services to our clients and their customers.

We do the work, you get the credit!

Brand Your Big Event or Brand Your Event Planning Services

If you are planning an event where everything about the event brand is critical to your branding mission, we can create a standalone online RSVP and event registration website just for you.  This is more affordable than you might think.  Ask for more information.

If you are a professional event planner or an in-house corporate event planner, we can create a standalone online RSVP and event registration website where your event planning organization or corporate name is the brand.  Repetitive use over the course of the year will lower your online RSVP expenses as well as promote your organization. Ask for more information.

Read more about Branding Event Strategy.



Take A Test Drive

Want to see how a simple online RSVP service works?  The demo has a password secure entry page.  The demo password is default.  Please click here to RSVP and receive your confirmation.

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“Your service was speedy, well supported and very helpful. We appreciate the personal phone calls and level of detail you’ve provided.” - 47 Communications on behalf of Capcom Entertainment - Steven and team

Thank you for all of your help with this event! It was great!  Janaki S., Marketing Coordinator

Our "Big Event" was a complete success. Your program, professionalism, and user friendliness proved to be a tremendous resource in planning our event.
Registration and list management used to be a nightmare with our customer events in the past. However, this year using Big Event Registration, made this process a dream come true.  Aimee S., Marketing Manager

Thanks for supporting Grist and for your generous donations.  The events are so easy now!

Just a note of thanks for all your help with our event. The event was enormously successful and the guest list a breeze with your online system.  Chris S., PR Manager


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